Our Projects

In line with their vision, DEEP's work encompasses education and training related initiatives to help the economically and socially disadvantaged. As a central coordinating agency DEEP Foundation has been able to leverage their network and relationships to synergize the efforts of other developmental agencies, citizens, bureaucracy and politicians in order to help the marginalized sections of our society.

Our efforts at DEEP have been humble, yet very meaningful. We believe that in today's day when technology is to our advantage collectively we can achieve several lofty milestones in making a difference to those who are less fortunate. Our initiative doesn't call for high level strategy, capital or resources. It's a simple effort which can be multiplied manifold if the power of the collective is leveraged. DEEP welcomes anyone who shares the same spirit and passion for its goals. No member of DEEP Foundation receives financial gain of any kind but the true satisfaction of knowing that, at the very least, they are attempting to make a difference.

In the last three years some of the projects the team has implemented successfully include the following-


- DEEP Foundation's education initiative for the underprivileged children, is not about conventional education. All the children attend conventional Government run schools. NEEV is like a second school where the children come in for 2 hours in the evening to learn life skills and get support on their functional literacy skills, while also having a lot of fun. DEEP aspires to make these two hours the ones that they look forward to the most, every single day.

The first class of NEEV was attended by 35 children of age groups ranging from 5 years to 15 years. The first 'school' is located in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Today, the group has grown to over 55 students. NEEV is now ready to take wing as and get duplicated at another location.

The focus at NEEV is to provide functional literacy skills and equip these children with the necessary life skills that would help and motivate them to build their self confidence and self esteem, develop good values and create a space for themselves in this fiercely competitive world. Young teens are sensitized on gender issues and the girls and the boys share mutual respect and camaraderie.

Henny Penny Libraries :

Henny Penny Libraries is a modest effort to ensure that book reading is still kept alive among our children. We believe that a well read child always contributes effectively and positively towards nation building. DEEP Foundation aspires to make books accessible to children across India, especially those who are less fortunate.

In a short span of 4 years, Team DEEP been instrumental in setting up over 40 libraries in our partner agencies/ NGOs with the help of several committed volunteers. On an ongoing basis they conduct story telling sessions and teacher training programs to strengthen a culture of book reading.

The biggest measurable reward has been in inculcating a reading habit and a love for books among the less privileged Primary School going children that encourages them to further their education, thereby lowering the dropout rates at the Secondary level.

A combined effort of mainstreamed children under project NEEV, who have an access to a Henny Penny Library has seen the children develop good personalities and get admission to Delhi University regular courses.

Mobile School empowering the Bakkarwal community in J&K -

DEEP has also started a mobile school for the extremely marginalized Bakkerwal Community (nomadic shepherds) in Jammu & Kashmir. Support is rendered from time to time in the form of a portable classroom, books, stationery and other learning material, supporting the resource and recommending him for the Govt's SSA programme.

Help is also extended by liaisioning with the Govt Departments and assisting the Community to have better access to health-care, veterinary care, electricity and water. Special counseling and ideas sharing sessions are held with the women of the community in an effort to empower them about opportunities, their rights and help them navigate society better.

After successfully helping one community in Block Kakalote of Rajouri District of J&K, DEEP is now poised to duplicate this model in another block, Draal.

DEEP Agroliance :

Self reliance through Integrated Agricultural Development

1. Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme - Our goal is to bring the beneficiaries, The Animal Husbandry Department and the Bankers on the same platform to facilitate Dairy Clusters in the District.

2. Integrated Development of Small Ruminants - DEEP Foundation is implementing the project in 2 key districts of Jammu & Kashmir State - Rajouri and Budgam. Working with NABARD and The Ministry of Agriculture(Dept. of Animal Husbandry, Government of India), in promoting sheep and goat rearing/breeding as a viable business opportunity amongst the weaker sections of society in Jammu & Kashmir. The project entails capacity building and training of farmers, forming Self Help Groups(Micro Financing) and act as guardians for the new rearers/growers. Through our efforts, the scheme is being extended to more than 120 beneficiaries,mostly consisting of Unemployed Youth and also women.